Deluxe First Aid Kits

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Stylish First Aid Bag
Stylish First Aid Bags come in two attractive colours, red and blue.
from $19.44 to $15.32 ea
50 min qty
Defence First Aid Kit
The Defence First Aid Kit holds 83 pieces of equipment in a plastic snap lid container.
from $25.81 to $18.10 ea
25 min qty
Foldable First Aid Kit
Foldable First Aid Kits are large sized kits with several medical items.
from $38.53 to $28.31 ea
25 min qty
Office First Aid Kit
The Office First Aid Kit is ideal for packing in your car, home or the office.
from $40.31 to $29.76 ea
25 min qty
Compact First Aid Kit
Compact First Aid Kits with hook-on plastic container and wall bracket.
from $46.46 to $34.66 ea
25 min qty

Our deluxe collection of kits are our best kits in that they have the most contents and are the largest. If you're after a kit that's truly comprehensive and has everything you could really ask from a first aid kit, then this is where you need to be browsing. These kits may cost a little more but they make up for it in terms of effectiveness.