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7 September, 2018

Hikers’ Partners During Emergencies

Hiking has been one of the most loved outdoor activities. It gives you the chance to live with alternatives which may develop your skill for survival.

Being away from the city and establishments, it is just right that a hiker is ready if unfortunate events which may happen. If you’re in a hikers organisation and looking for products which may help you during emergencies, you’re in the right place!

Promotional First Aid Kits supplies handy first aid kits which you can always keep in your pockets or bags everytime you go on an adventure. The package has an efficient use and may save someone’s life, its contents include;

  • 5 x Bandaids

  • 4 x Alcohol wipes

  • 2 x Moist towelette

  • 1 x PBT Bandage

  • 1 x Triangular bandage

  • 5 x Non-woven pads

  • 2 x Safety pins

  • 1 x Scissors

  • 1 x Paper tape

  • 1 x First Aid Information Booklet

These contents are housed in a customisable polybag where you can wish to print your organisation's name or logo.

Keep safe and ready with our custom handy kits!

The Promotional First Aid Kits Team