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4 October, 2018

Here's The Kit Every Employee Should Have

Are you an eco-conscious institution? Our eco-friendly first aid kit is the perfect tool for you!

First aid kits are essential tools everyone should own because we can never tell when emergencies could occur, so it is necessary that we are ready to face these uncertainties.

If you’re in the industry of construction, mining, or warehousing, you might want to give your workers our eco-friendly first aid kits. Keeping your workers secured all the time in their work is necessary because they give life to your company and we all deserve a secured and safe workplace.

Our first aid kit’s case is made from an environment-friendly material which is customisable so that you may print your company name and logo on it.

It has essentials which would be very useful in case of emergency. Listed below are contents of the kit;

  • 1 x First aid guide

  • 2 x Burn wound lint pads

  • 2 x Blister Plasters

  • 12 x Washproof Plasters

  • 1 x Metal tweezer

  • 2 x Ice Gel

  • 1 x Scissor

  • 1 x Triangular bandage

  • 1 x Pair of disposable gloves

  • 2 x Wound compress

  • 1 x Sterile Wound dressing

  • 2 x Dry swabs

  • 4 x Wash swabs

  • 1 x Respiratory sheet

  • 1 x First aid blanket

Gifting our custom first aid kits to your workers is a great way to show them your generosity and your care for them.

The Promotional First Aid Kits Team