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We do quality branding on a range of first aid kits and other safety products. Keep your workplace safe and your brand exposure high with these promotional kits.

Most Popular First Aid Kits

Compact First Aid Kits
Compact First Aid Kits have everything required to take care of small injuries.
from $14.75 to $11.65 ea
50 min qty
Compact Healing Pouch
Compact Healing Pouches are useful in sudden medical situations.
from $4.81 to $3.06 ea
50 min qty
Stylish First Aid Bag
Stylish First Aid Bags come in two attractive colours, red and blue.
from $19.44 to $15.32 ea
50 min qty
Weekend First Aid Kit
Weekend First Aid Kits are competitively priced.
from $3.79 to $3.33 ea
250 min qty
Multipurpose Heat Or Cold Pack
Multipurpose Heat Or Cold Packs make for the most wonderful gifts for anyone.
from $4.84 to $4.25 ea
100 min qty
Compact First Aid Kit
Compact First Aid Kits with hook-on plastic container and wall bracket.
from $46.46 to $34.66 ea
25 min qty
Small Travel First Aid Case
Small Travel First Aid Cases can be custom branded
from $15.95 to $4.81 ea
100 min qty

First aid kits have become a necessity in the work place and home. Whether we're trying to uphold important regulations or just want our friends and family to be safer, pretty much everywhere has a first aid kit these days.

We supply a top range of kits and other health/safety products that can be branded with your logo. Use the necessity for first aid kits as an opportunity to have people exposed to your company logo.

No matter your price range, we have kits to suit just about any budget. Conveniently categorised into easy to understand sections, we have our basic,  medium and deluxe kits which range from least to most expensive. We also have a specialised range for more specific environments and situations.

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